Carol Perry
There is so much artwork being done today. Most will end up in the garbage heaps of time but that should be no distraction from persevering. I'm in my seventies and still find relevance in old fashioned oil paint and canvas. I don't think to myself it's all been done so why continue. On the contrary it will never 'all' be done. It's why a Matisse or a Michelangelo is still as fresh today as when it was created originally. So maybe the key is brutal honesty with yourself to bring your own personal story to tell and integrity with the present process. Simple, edgy, elegant, provocative, these are the sort of terms that apply to good art for me and what I struggle to have in my own work. Even seeing mistakes as signposts rather than hinderances can open a painting up. I'll never reach my ultimate best in this lifetime but it has been just as important trying as waking up each day and taking a deep breath.

What is revealed in the end is the residue of that art making journey.

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