Carol Perry

Creating relationships with line, shape and color have long been a central theme of my work. It compels me forward and back as I negotiate balance versus tension towards final culmination. Painting itself is as much about the visceral use of media as with trying to represent arbitrary subject matter. Abstracted works are rich with the history of painting over, scraping away and drawing in again.
Figurative work on the other hand forces me to be focused on capturing the essence of my subject. Line color and balance are still integral but constrained by the subject and what surrounds it. In the figurative works I began by leaving the backgrounds very minimal, thrusting the sitter front and center. I am now exploring adding more background which takes them from portraiture to a snapshot painting that happens to have a figure or figures. I now work in both abstract and figurative work with so much yet to learn and say on my own journey of seventy six years.

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