Carol Perry
Bounce BackOcean DysplasiaFluid SituationWaiting RoomFire IslandFallbackTetheredSelma and MannyMosquitoHIDEAWAYTHE WAITING ROOMBUILDERS DREAMWATER MAPSRED ROOMDO NOT DISTURBCLOUDS TRYING TO LANDBLACK STRINGOSMOSISWHITE CLOUDWINTER DAYORACLECRUSHBlue lineRed lineEchoTongue TiedGreen lineSatie's DreamIce BoundGray MattersI Got LuckyWabi SabiSo Many QuestionsAir TrafficShape ShiftersRadio HeadRorschach's TableChopstick FencesA Long Way HomeCan Anybody Hear Me?Consume thisNo time to be wishy washyAnybody home?Are we on the right road?Are you allowed to smoke in heaven?Alpha RunwayLets stop hereWalk it off - alias Grid #2DreamweaverChina LakeBravo RunwayTribeCompositionThe HoarderBlack olivesDelta RunwayMeasure thisThin Red Line 1Thin Red Line 2Thin Red Line 3
Creating relationships with line, shape and color are the central theme of my work. It compels me forward as I work unimpeded by a known finished idea. As well, the paintings are as much about the visceral use of paint itself as with any arbitrary subject matter. Therefore each provides a rich history of decision making. That history is my art making journey.

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